Friday, February 28, 2014

Small children talk a lot.

I slept a ton last night (think went to bed at 9pm kinda thing). Still too tired today but still. Could be worse.

I went and got some arrows to make into boffer arrows for larp and some yarn for the blanket I am making for my parents. Then I got home to find my sister arriving along with her kiddos. I love those kids but 5 hours with them is more than I can handle. M is a cute little thing and told me all about preschool and everything she could think of. H is a 3 year old that thinks he's 5 like his sister and wants to do all the things himself. Of course he is TINY, even for a 3 year old so that doesn't work very well. I took them to the park while my sister cleaned the house, which was fun but Ugh. Not a day where I can keep up with them for terribly long.

I hurt today. My everything hurts but especially my back and hips. Sciatica down my left leg, which hasn't happened in a while. My chest hurts making it hard to breathe. Thankfully I have a doctors appointment tomorrow early so I can talk to my doc about the chest pain. It's only getting worse and more constant.

I emailed someone my mom knows from washington county about volunteering with their new queer suicide prevention group and other similar groups. They pay for my advocacy training and such. I am optimistic about this and will be meeting with the lady next week or so to talk about details of the various groups and how to get involved as a volunteer. She told my mom that there is a good chance it could turn into a paid gig eventually which would be boss. Even without that I would love to get to work with these groups. Queer people need the support and are at such risk for self harm, especially with

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