Saturday, March 1, 2014

Oh look, new meds.

So I had my doctors appointment today for the crap that has been going on with my chest. (IE tightness, painful breathing, rapid heart rate etc) We went over things and since I started on an 88mg dose for my thyroid meds we dropped it to 50mg, did an ekg (normal but accelerated heart rate) and she referred me in for a sleep study. Since I sleep so poorly and don't wake up feeling like I slept there is a chance something is going on there. Sleep apnea was her suggestion to check for as a drop in O2 levels would make the night time racing heart make sense. Woo more specialists though right? She also changed my sleeping meds since the Ambien isn't helping much anymore. I have trazodone now.

I have other news on a non health front but I am thinking of waiting until next week when I have more information for that. Just say it involves volunteering for Washington county suicide prevention and QUILTBAG people more specifically. Not sure what exactly I am looking at there but still. I am really excited about this and hope it works out. Nervy though because the referral to the contact person I have came from my mom so I have to be extremely professional and make a good impression. The contact email went well though but still. Meeting with the lady next week!

I am also thinking that once a week I would like to post on one of my other blogs - Queer Transformation - since I am getting a habit of blogging regularly again and I love that blog. It's about gender, sexuality, relationships, sex and all the fun stuff that goes with it. Pondering what my return to blogging post will be about and hoping to have something up by wends.

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