Saturday, March 8, 2014


So I totally slept wrong last night or something because I have a GIANT crick in my neck >.< Like of the can't turn my head variety. Ugh. I managed to calm it down enough that I can move but totally have not happy muscles.

I am working on an afghan for my parents, slowly but surely it's coming together. I am going to have to do at least 64 granny squares for the size that I want. 14 done so far 50 to go >.> lots of colors and different weight yarns and the like.

I've been playing games hardcore for the last two days. Banished, smite, cards against humanity. I picked up Smallworld and sunday is D&D or board game day. Then I get to watch cosmos! YAY. I am SUPER EXCITED about this show and plan on watching it each week. Something I can't recall myself having ever done before. But it's cosmos! with Neal deGrasse Tyson! All the superlatives and exclamations ahoy.

I started re-reading pride and prejudice. Woo epistolary novels. I do enjoy Jane Austen though in a rather strange way. It takes being in a particular mood to enjoy her novels though.

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