Sunday, March 9, 2014


Today has been the day of awesome music for me. A friend of mine, Kat, and I were putting together an awesome playlist of opratic metal bands to listen to during the stream. So many new bands and so many awesome bands I already knew that I haven't heard in ages. The things that have made it to my pandora station so far are: Epica, todesbonden, within temptation, e nomine, midnattsol, delain, leaves eyes, nightwish and battlelore. So happy about this. Especially on a day where my chest pain is preventing me from feeling entirely comfortable.

I did manage to run some errands today so I have a new book on chinese knotwork, some new yarn colors for the afghan and a container to put all the squares in. I think my side project is going to be to make a new purse that can fit my ipad and a notebook since my old one is falling apart. I'll do it with pink granny squares, kumihimo rope for the strap and some chinese knot tassels for the fringe at the bottom. I might add some knitted flowers to the cover flap too. I am pretty sure I can make something that I really like with the pattern I am thinking of doing too. I'll post a pic when it's done, of the afghan too.

Alright, looks like I am due back on smite. Hit level 21 today. 9 more levels to go before the 25th when the beta opens. I can do it! Then I can start league play! Super exciting.

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