Thursday, March 6, 2014


I've been off the computer for a couple of days so there haven't been any updates, I am sorry for that. I got my new book on tuesday and promptly read it. Twice. It was good ^_^ now I have to wait for the next one to come out and I am already impatient for it. >.>

I am not sure that I like my new sleeping pills. Trazodone. I have been getting horrible headaches since I started taking it and while it makes me more tired I don't feel like it's actually helping me sleep. Though it's hard to tell since my pain levels have been pretty high the last week or so. My lumbar is acting up making sitting and walking painful, the sciatica is starting back up in my left leg and my chest is as painful as ever making just breathing painful. I am just so tired of hurting and I still have 19 days until I see the rheumy.

The doc has me monitoring my heart rate since it was so high when I was at the office on saturday. Frankly that is a horrible thing to have to do when things are out of control and you don't know why. I am somewhat comforted by the fact that my EKG was normal, if fast. Still, seeing your at rest pulse at 95 or so on average over 5 days is rather discomforting. One day my at rest was 85 which is nearly normal but another day it was 120, which is essentially the pulse of someone doing an aerobic workout. No wonder really why my chest hurts if my poor heart is working that hard. While smoking does raise my heart rate I hadn't had one for at least an hour when I got the 120 reading. Clearly there is something else going on, I just wish we could figure out what it was.

I had a bigger post planned for yesterday but I have just been so tired and hurting so much that I didn't get to it. Even this post has made my hands hurt from  typing so rather than say more I will leave it here. I will do my best not to have such a long unplanned silence again as I really do enjoy daily blogging. I just was so wrapped up in my own little world, escaping into a new book, that I wanted to ignore everything for just a little longer.

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