Thursday, March 13, 2014

Aren't Er visits fun?

So the chest pain I've been experiencing spiked sharply today after I picked up A (the young girl I've been watching). I ended up going up to OHSU emergency because it was so bad. It's amazing how fast you get triaged when you have chest pain. After a bunch of readings and an EKG I got set up in a room. Then I got hooked up to the fancy heart monitor and a bunch of blood drawn and then an x-ray. After talking to 4 doctors about the same things over and over and about 4 hours we got results from the tests and such. 

No evidence of blood clots, reasonably normal EKG, nothing abnormal in the X-ray, my heart rate was high but after rest not what it was when I came in. The pain went down, though it is still there. I got told to go off the thyroid meds because my thyroid level had gone in The opposite direction as it had been before. Now I got referred to an endocrinologist to deal with the thyroid stuff and get to follow up on everything with my gp and the rheumy. 

Now I get to sleep because I am exhausted. 

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