Monday, March 10, 2014


So I am now watching a friend of mines kid after she gets done with school essentially m-f from 2pm till her mom gets off work (either 6 or 9pm). A is 8 years old and a good kid but wow, exhausting >.< this should be um, interesting?

My parents are both sick again. Mom is doing okay but dad is not. He is so light headed he can't really function. It's worrying. I hope that he is feeling at least a bit better tomorrow. =/

I am doing alright all things considered. The arthritis is down and my back is doing okay. My chest is still really bothering me but all in all it could be far worse than it is. We will see if that continues tomorrow since I have the dogs tonight in my room so that they don't bother mom and dad who really need to get a good nights rest.

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