Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sick everything

So my dad has some horrible intestinal infection
My dogs been throwing up (poor sinbad)
Lux is a brat since sinbad's sick and she's getting fixed Thursday so fun fun
Thankfully mom seems to be okay.

I in the other hand feel like crap.
My hands are swollen and painful and now I have a rash on my palms, my joints hurt, my stomach is upset, I'm bleeding like a stuck pig over every nick and I can't sleep again.

Still haven't heard from the rheumy but the cities been shut down due to snow since Friday. If I haven't heard from them wends ill call. I think the NSAID I'm on is making the bleeding so bad so I may have to call the clinic and talk to my doctor, still havent heard from the pt people so ill call them Thursday too. 

It's my friends one year anniversary of having lupus. She's throwing a party Sunday. 

I meet the qualifications for the diagnosis too. My doc wants another opinion - hence the rheumy. I just want to function again. Have a job, a life. Something. Thinking about it brings tears to my eyes because I have had to put everything I love aside just to function at the level I do and it's not enough. 

I tried to read a book Sunday and despite loving the series I could barely get through it since I can't concentrate. I hate this. 

So much. 

This is sinbad, he's my snuggle buddy tonight. 
Even if I can hear his tummy make funny noises and he snores. 
I love him dearly.

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