Monday, February 24, 2014

Woohoo PT

I just stepped in dog poop while attempting to not get rained on while I was outside.

That rather sums up my day. PT was rather brutal today. My therapist stretched out my back and hips and it was freaking painful. Then we worked with some elastic resistance bands and on a couple of machines. I was completely exhausted since I couldn't sleep last night again thanks to being unable to breathe very well. When I finally got home I said hello to my mom (who was grumpy having been to the dentist today) and then passed out for nearly 4 hours. Grabbed noms and hopped online. Spyparty stream and then Caley did a magic draft. I watched while working on some new crochet patterns I found. My hands hurt now but I got 2 successful squares done. I am going to try to make a blanket for mom and dad.

The book I was looking forward to got delayed until the 4th. Boo.

It's nearly midnight and I am thinking I will skip playing Smite with the guys and just go to bed. I am exhausted again and my body hurts. It's a night for a whole sleeping pill rather than the half I usually take. I am just so tired of hurting and having my skin randomly freak out and being so tired. I sent in a request for a doctors appointment to see if we can do something so that I can breathe without it hurting like hell and so that my heart stops waking me up by racing and hurting.

If I didn't need a good nights sleep so badly I would go steal my puppy to cuddle tonight but he tends to wake me up more than I can afford right now.

Larp season is coming up and I am updating my item tags and character info. I'll be needing to finish the long dress that I started and if I can manage it I'll be making a new skirt for her too. I need to find a new top that will look good with the skirt. Maybe make a few more accessories. Not sure. My girlfriend, her partner, her friend and two of the guys I game with all need to get their character stuff together and send in item tags too. Going to be a busy month getting ready for the new season. I can't wait for it to start though, I love LARP and miss my friends I don't get to see very often outside of the season.

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