Saturday, February 15, 2014

I am beat

I am so exhausted today it's horrendous.

I watched my 3 year old nephew for an hour or two this afternoon, which is fine but I was supposed to stop at the store on my way home and I was so fatigued that I nearly fell asleep driving. I went home to nap instead and slept for around 4 hours. I've done essentially crap since but I perked up in the evening and wanted to go out and hang out with friends. Nothing strenuous. Grab dinner, play games that kind of thing. No one was available. Not even my girlfriend. So I stayed home. I've managed a couple of games of smite with the guys online but now I am just thrashed again.

I decided to go for a walk to perk up a bit and had to stop halfway because my stomach was rebelling. I haven't felt so exhausted and crap for weeks. Not that I have been well per se but I haven't felt so tired that I couldn't make even my short walk like this. My doctor seemed to expect that after a couple of weeks on the thyroid meds and the vitamin D I would be less tired all the time. Hasn't happened yet.

I called the rheumy today since I haven't heard from them yet. The next available new patient appointment is march 25th. Soooo I am on the wait list for an earlier appointment and get to hope.

Not going to manage my PT today, just too freaking tired and not feeling well.

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