Thursday, February 13, 2014

Poor lux-y puppy

Took lux to the vet today to get fixed. The poor thing is quite pathetic. She's confused and tired and just wants to cuddle. So we deposited her with world class baby cuddler dad on the couch and she immediately passed out snuggling up next to him. It was cute as a freaking button. Now shes sleeping on their bed (normally she sleeps on the dog bed) and the sinbad gets to sleep in here with me so he leaves her alone. He's quite the pathetic dog today too. He missed lux all day and has been super needy. So he got to go to lunch with me downtown and took a nap with me for the afternoon. Now he gets to sleep on my bed tonight (the puppies don't get to spend much time on my floor, too much for them to get into) and he's still pouting. He spent nearly the whole time we were downstairs before dad and I got lux going from leaning against me to the door to look for lux. It was sad. So he gets spoiled too, not like he knows whats going on either or why he can't cuddle with his sister like they usually do.

Oh and I forgot, everyone in my house is sick. My mom has yet another of her chronic sinus infections and is doing anti-biotics again. She is finally going to an ENT specialist to get things checked out. I swear she has had a sinus infection more often than not for over a  year now.

Had PT today, 930am is too early for pt but whatever. More new exercises to do and annoyance that my insurance company will only authorize two PT visits soooo yeah. It's going to be an all at home programme. Ah well, no different than usual then.

Lux spent a solid 5 min like this on the couch before she finally got down. That didn't last long as she wandered around aimlessly and looking confused.
So I deposited her on dad
Sinbad had fun in the car with me today so I don't feel so bad for him

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