Monday, January 27, 2014

Woohoo more waiting

So I got the call from my doctor today, which is cool but unfortunately they can't get me in to talk to her until saturday morning. I find out nothing until then. A week. boo. I really like this doctors office so far though. I messaged them through the online chart thing they use because some of my meds are low and they weren't prescribed through this office. I sent that message at like 1am last night, I woke up to my phone message going off at 9am saying that I had prescriptions waiting. Awesome. My last office would take days for that.

I also got my tax forms today for one of my two jobs so I get to file my taxes as soon as I get the last form. I really need that refund >.< having no job I am having issues paying the bills. Student loans and credit cards are killing me.

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