Friday, January 24, 2014

test results but no answers yet

My test results have been posted. They are complicated as we were testing for many things at once. There are a few things I can draw from them even just looking at the results. Others I want to wait to draw conclusions until I talk to my doc. 

1. My thyroid stimulating hormone is horribly high. Like normal range goes to a 4 mines at nearly 7 kind of high. Not entirely surprising to find evidence for hypothyroidism in me as my dad has it. The good news is that's an easy enough fix with a daily medication and regular checks to make sure my levels are good. 

2. My cholesterol is awful. Like, seriously awful. I have high cholestorol, triglyceride, vldl and non-hdl cholesterol. Oh and low hdl. Weeee things that could mean? Higher risk of heart problems and stroke for one, but the test can be effected by... corticosteroids (like the ones I took last month?) and birth control (like the one that is in my arm?) and... hypothyroidism. 

3. We did a comprehensive metabolic panel but nothing was interesting in there so moving on to...

4. Antinuclear antibodies ana. Which was positive. Now, this isn't a yup you have Lupus kind of thing. Because there are types of hypothyroidism that are autoimmune in nature like hashimoto's thyroiditis - a common type of hypothyroidism. But its there and we will have to see. Rheumatoid arthritis, SLE, vit B-12 deficiency and the like all can get positives here. 

5. To rule autoimmune things out we also did a test for rheumatoid factor. Which was just fine. Take that one off the list. 

6. A vitamin D test was done, because it's oregon and I have been depressed. Surprise, low vit D. Hopefully the vitD supplement will help improve my mood. 

7. We did a B27 screen, to see if ankylosing spondylitis was a possibility. It came back negative. Made sense to do the test since it's a long term type of arthritis that causes severe inflammation in the spine. 

8. And finally, the APT-ANA AB ON HEP 2, SER NB. If that is gibberish to you it was to me. Thankfully they have a handy guide to figuring it out on mychart. I am not sure exactly what specific antibodies it is testing but it got flagged up as an anomaly, not much info is given though so I'll have to wait to see. 

I'll go through what the doc says when I finally hear from her. At least the test results didn't take long to pop up right? And I have one answer - hypothyroidism. Beyond that I await my doctor filling me in on what she sees in these. I know there will be a lot that she sees that I don't since I am very much a laymen when it comes to figuring out what these results mean. Now you know what I know anyway.

My body is complicated.

Oh and it's 730am. Why is that relevant? Because despite being so exhausted I fell asleep while talking to friends online for like an hour I haven't been able to sleep all night. -sigh- Me and my puffy hands are going to go for a walk and maybe eat breakfast.

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