Saturday, January 18, 2014


First the yay for my day:
I got the rest of the info I need for my healthcare plan! I need to call them monday to set up my primary care physician and then I can make an appointment with her and get my referral back to the specialist and start all that back up. holy run-on batman. Anywho, exciting for me. I have dental too so I can get my teeth cleaned and stuff which is cool. No vision though, good thing my glasses are pretty durable right?

Today has been rather tough though. I am shaking badly and I feel like there is a giant band around my chest and ribs that is just getting tighter. It's more annoying than painful compared to everything else but still. I also woke up all sorts of puffy. My face is just horrible and my hands feel like marshmallows. I would think it's dehydration but I drink so much water that if it is just dehydration then I will never be hydrated.

I have been playing Smite a lot lately with some friends and it's been good. We are all about the same level, have been gaming together for about a year now and are on teamspeak together. It has been great fun. I really like the game, I really like the company and it's such a good feeling to hang out with friends in a way that I don't get so exhausted doing it.

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