Sunday, January 19, 2014

Just a quick one

I expect I will have more to report later this week but I got the last of my healthcare info this weekend which is good because for the last two days I have felt like there is a rubber band around my chest and that I got punched in the solar plexus. It's painful and worrying at the same time. I don't usually have more than the body aches anywhere save my lower body. I'll be calling my health coop tomorrow to set my primary care physician and I'll be making a dr. appointment to figure out my options now that I have healthcare and to figure out what the heck is going on with my chest and ribs.

For now though I am just dealing with it. It's making it hard to game and the shakes I still have are making everything else hard too. Phuuu. I hate feeling like this, it is so frustrating in so many ways.

I got some quality puppy cuddle time last night though since I snagged the dogs to cuddle with rather than letting them sleep in my parents room. Lux was a bit put out since she doesn't fit under my bed and doesnt like my room much. Ah well. She can deal, Sinbad made up for it by curling up beside me and snuggling.

My dogs are too cute sometimes.

See. Cute puppies. 

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