Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hectic day

So I spent my entire morning on the phone with insurance people, doctors offices and such. Downside - its exhausting. Upside - I have an appointment tomorrow with my new doctor. My old PCP isn't covered by my new insurance so I get to go to a new one. I am going to the OHSU richmond clinic since I want to go back to see the pain specialist at OHSU and the referral will be easier through one of their clinics. This has however necessitating me going through my piles of medical records and test results to get a list of all of the medications we have done and the tests we have done together. I am bringing medical records, ct scans, mri scan results, discogram images and results, and a freaking partridge in a pear tree. I have a long list of medications, it's rather disheartening actually.

The upside is I am going to a doctor. I need to keep repeating that so I remember. I get to see a doctor. For a reasonable price. My prescriptions are going to be a reasonable price. My tests are going to be a reasonable price. They cover physical therapy. They cover psych services. Can we say yay?

Right now though, with my chest hurting and my back twitching and feeling like knives are in it and my hands and legs inflamed and my joints aching I just want today to be done.

So I have decided it is. I am going to bed hours before I usually do because I am exhausted.

And my appointment is at 9am tomorrow.

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