Monday, January 27, 2014

Lazy sunday

Today was a lazy entertain myself kind of sunday. See, since I am still waiting on test results I need to distract myself. SO, I had a pathfinder tabletop game (yes I play d&d and its ilk) and then I stopped at the awesome that is fabric depot to pick up fabric to make superhero capes for my mom (20 of them!!) and I also picked up yarn. Now, I don't do a lot of knitting or crocheting but I do weave so ya know - yay yarn. However, this was for a specific project I have in mind. Namely hand knitting a rainbow scarf with white pom poms on the ends to look like clouds. I got the idea from here and though it was freaking brilliant. I have been so gloomy lately how could I not smile by wearing a freaking rainbow like that? Not just rainbow colored either A FREAKING RAINBOW. It's fantastic. I'll post a picture when I am done with it. I have completed the red, orange and yellow sections and started the green one but I got tired and distracted by Smite.

Oh and I learned today that while my d key works for lowercase apparently it does not for uppercase. Wtf technology? Why must you hate me? First my graphics card and now this? Pffft.

I am also attempting to figure out how to refill my prescriptions with my new doctor. She didn't actually prescribe my old medications that I was taking and now I am almost out of some of them soooo yeah. Fun times. OHSU uses an online portal thing that is pretty rocking so I sent a message on there. No need to call and talk to a person or anything woohoo. I hate talking on the phone. >.< I'd rather drive down to the clinic and talk to reception than call. I know, I am strange like that but still.

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